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I asked this question on the fb page -

'‘Help me beat my sons ‘Thousand S’… Change Brothers ?
Hi All Well I was up against my son again the other night and my Wolf Destroyers didnt fight very well and this got me thinking maybe Ive got something wrong ! They are modelled with two energy claws on each model, the stats for them are ‘2xEnergy Claws (A2,AP(1),Rending) +10pts
as written in the Detachment supplement.
Basically my question is this… Should each model get 4 attacks or just 2 attacks as each model has 2 Energy Claws ?
Thanks once again to anyone who takes the time to answer my post.
4 attacks, two for each of their claws.’’

to which a kindly fellow Jason answered -
‘‘4 attacks, two for each of their claws.’’
( thanks again J’ if you are reading this)

So I thought I would quickly post the following thought here…
Believing that if indeed the given answer is correct this lead me back to reading the pdf on the Wolf brothers and I think it might be better to amend the line referring to swapping a Destroyers Energy Sword in option H to x2 Energy claws to indicate that it has 4 attack dice from (A2, AP1, Rending) to (A4,AP1, Rending).

4 attacks it is. I think the wording is consistent with other terminologi in the army lists.

If you mean what I think you mean it should then state:

“Swap Destroyer Energy sword to Energy claws (A4, AP(1), Rending)”

But, keep in mind that there are “Energy claw” as a weapon as well and the above state “Energy claws” as a new kind of weapon and thus different from a Single Energy claw. I think it comes down to a designer choice.

Energy Claw (A2, AP(1), Rending)
2xEnergy Claw (A2, AP(1), Rending)

Sorry for text without much substance. Interesting question though.

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Quick Questions that arose from last nights game with my son…

One of my unit of Destroyers has Shieldwall,how does this work in regards to >

1 Does the Shieldwall effect only the individual modelled with it ?

2 Does this mean that the other player can individually target my Shieldwalled model ?

Psychic attacks >

3 Can my sons Daemon Champion Psychic 2 melee and cast a spell at the same time ?

4 Also can the Psychic cast the 2 spells at the same time ( surely not ) ?

Please anyone can you shed some light on the above situations

Hi, I think that elsewhere OPR Admin explained that there’s a specific reason for using the word “Twin” rather than “2x”.

A “Twin” weapon is considered to be singular
A “2x” weapon is considered to be multiple, and that’s important for upgrades which allow you to “replace one of”.


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Thanks Barrys.

Hi Trev! I would try to answer your questions:

  1. I’m looking the Battle Brothers Detachment army book of Wolf Brothers, and the Wolf Destroyers have the H upgrades, which explains “replace all Storm Rifles and Energy Swords … and Combat Shield (Shield Wall)”. Initially, I think the idea of the upgrade is that all the models in the squad are equipped with Combat Shield, so each model has Shield Wall. However, I understand that you only have one miniature modelled with it; I see 2 options:

    • Consider all the unit with the same equipment (each model has Shield Wall or anyone has it). It wouldn’t be a What You See Is What You Get, but it reduces the complexity of the rules.

    • House rule that option of equipment for only one model and use the idea of the Hero special rule; you can use the Shield Wall rule when the model with it is the only one remaining in the unit.

  2. No. In the Basic Rulebook (also free) is described with more detailed: “For each wound that the unit has taken the defending player must remove one model as a casualty. The defending player may remove models from the target in any order, keeping unit coherency in mind.”. That way, the player controlling the target unit choses which models are removed.

  3. No. According to the description of the Physic(X) rule: “May cast one spell during its activation at any point, before attacking.”. I understand that he could move into melee, cast it, and later attack, apart from casting it before moving.

  4. No, only 1 spell per activation (Physic(X) rule).

It sounds to me that the Change Brothers have been changing the rules of the whole game for their advantage (it’s a joke :wink:). Keep in mind that it’s explicitly written in One Page Rules that “Whenever the rules are unclear use common sense and personal preference. Have fun!”.

I hope that the answers work for you; we are happy to help :smiley:

Felix U R a star thanks matey, that’ll upset my son He thinks Ahriman > psychic 2, should be able to cast 2 spells at the same time him being a super sorcerer or sumink lol.

Another question for anyone to answer please >
A Change Destroyer has a Reaper Mini Gun and a Missile rack ( is this allowed, I think it is ) can the model fire both weapons in one turn ?

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Yes, he can fire both weapons at the same time. :slight_smile:


Thanks One’

One more thing regarding the Missile rack ( i forgot to ask sorry )…

Does the Missile rack have a endless supply of ammo, or is it a 1 use per battle weapon ?

Ammo is unlimited like all other weapons. :slight_smile:

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