Regarding Weapons Team Upgrade

When a unit of Ratmen warriors/stormtroopers take a weapon team upgrade, does it replace one model or does it add a model (bringing the unit to 11 models).

Also, where does the weapons team get placed. Is it like a hero in that you can put it in any rank? If it’s in the first two rows and the unit fights in melee, do you get the Crew Attack (A2)?

The model is added to the unit, and you can put it in any rank, including the first two rows. Please note that Weapon Teams models are usually 25mmx50mm, so they take up 2 spaces, making their 2 attacks be the same as if you had 2 regular models there. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the info! That also answers my question about models with longer bases.

So if I attach a weapons team to a unit of 10 it would look like this?

Warriors O
Weapons Team X


The weapons team would be 1 model but take up a slot on the first two rows. Forcing 2 warriors to to the very back, starting an incomplete 3rd row.

Yes, that’s exactly it. :slight_smile:

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One more question.

Storm Troopers have DEF 4+ and can take weapon teams with DEF 5+. Do you use the majority for DEF (In this case 4+)? Obviously Sniper and certain magic spells that target the Weapons Team would use the 5+ but what about when the unit as a whole is attacked?