Rounded cost in increments of 5


In our group we could see that the 5-point rounding causes weird things in the skirmish / firefight versions.

One example is the “savage orc” which has the same point hit as a “cave archer” for a difference of 6 in shooting range and an attack in charge. There are also equipment options which at 5 points are very expensive for one figurine.

Have you ever considered no longer rounding the points to a slice of 5 but to the unit?
There is also the method that the 9th age used by doubling all the costs to provide a little more “mark” the difference.



We want to keep the rounding to 5 because it greatly simplifies list building, and actually we believe that it should serve to de-emphasize that precise point costs lead to more balanced games.

That being said, the point calculator can always be used to create non-rounded units. :slight_smile:


I think it would be a big benefit, and agree that much of the value of the point calculator is that I can unround. But that’s a lot of work.

It makes a difference to me when I have two similar but different units that come out with the same price, and one has to be artificially bumped up.


If you and your friends have access to the points calculator have everyone make a true points list only for the army(s) they own. That will cut down on time.
Plus you only have to do it once so when it’s done, it’s done. Only need to make the odd adjustment here and there when balance updates roll out.

IF OPA is ok with it, you should totally post the true points army lists in the Teir 2 forum. That way any other teir 2+ members who want to play at that level would have access. Heck maybe even some forum members would help you convert everything. I’ll help convert lists to true point scale!

Also, OPA I don’t mean this as any offense to you or your game. I understand why you do increments of 5 and it honestly Does make typing up a list faster. I’m fine with rounding and true points honestly. If you are not cool with my suggestion to Andy, please let me know and I’ll delete this post. :grinning:

The point calculator is there for you to do whatever you want, so you can totally convert all army lists to their un-rounded versions, however I would prefer you don’t share that with the non-patrons as that would de-value the tier pledges.

My only worry is that if you start a community project of converting all army lists then it might create a divide between those that play vanilla and not, which I don’t think is your intention. :slight_smile:

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I suppose that’s true. I definitely have no intention of dividing the community! :worried:

If this hypothetical project were to happen it would be exclusive to the Teir 2 forum and have Incredibley strict guidelines.
Example: When posting a battle report outside the Teir 2 forum using true points, you can not state how much each individual unit, upgrade, or the total army costs. This is to stop any non Teir 2 members from reverse engineering the system.

Buuuuut thinking about it…I feel it’s just too risky. Though I always love more ways for people to play and have fun, the risk of causing problems might be too high. I don’t want to cause a rift in the community. I also really don’t want to risk someone leaking the lists and screwing you and your business.

Oh well. I think it would have been a really fun project but I don’t want to cause problems.