Table Top Simulator (TTS) Online Gaming

Good morning all
I write you from oh so sunny Italy where we’re in day 19 at present of our experience indoors.
I’ve been a lurking fan of OPR for a couple of years and Patreon supporter, and noted at present there is no one playing on Steam’s TTS (Table Top Simulator) platform.

Is there a reason for this? Particularly with times being what they are, I’d be well keen on some games as I have not played with other humans other than two friends and my brother and was getting my head around the game mechanics when the current situation came to be. So we won’t be catching up for a while and my lust for dice rolling is unabated…is someone interested in having a game or eleven with me? I am in the Rome timezone, if you are unfamiliar with the platform there is a wealth of miniautures for all manners of games already made (sci-fi and fantasy specifically, in various scales from 6mm to 60mm…) so I feel it may serve our purposes well.

Please PM or better still reply here and we can have a go and learn together?
I am in the ROME timezone in Europe, have headphones and some modules already downloaded.
My Steam handle is stevothedivo - should have a purple alien avatar if you find several in adding me.

Look forward to hearing from someone…all will be well
PS I did a search in the forums for the terms TTS and Table Top Simulator before posting, apologies if someone had suggested this before. If there is an active thread please point it out to me it did not show up in search results.

Check out the Discord server, we have a dedicated channel for people that play online with Roll20 and TTS. :slight_smile:

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Funnily enough, I bought the TTS a few days ago. It’s a really beautiful, immersive thing but I found the process of collecting 3D assets to be cumbersome. I’m currently experimenting with Roll20.

I may be able to play on TTS. I’ll look at the Discord server like Admin says.


Yeah, definitely pop into the Discord and poke around for TTS games. I remember someone was working on compiling a whole bunch of miniatures in it to help streamline Grimdark Future for those who wanted to play it.

Hi Steve, I would explore using TTS with you if you like?