The Procyon War (Global Campaign)

The Procyon sub-sector is a hotly contested area rich in natural resources located in the galactic east of the Sirius sector. Recently a mysterious and deadly virus has been spreading across the human colonies, those that survive it slowly mutate into horrible and bloodthirsty creatures. The sub-sector is also currently beset by invasions of the forces of Havoc, Orcs, Robots, and Ratmen, as well as frequent raids by the Dark Elves. The forces of the god-king and god-queen have agreed to a temporary truce, and have allied themselves with both the High Elves and the TAO in order to combat the invading forces.

Will the forces of Order persevere in this dark time or will the forces of Destruction be triumphant?

Forces of Order:
Battle Brothers
Battle Brother Detachments
Battle Sisters
High Elf Fleets
Prime Brothers
TAO Coalition

Forces of Destruction:
Dark Elf Raiders
Havoc Brothers
Havoc Brother Disciples
Orc Marauders
Ratmen Clans
Robot Legions
Wormhole Daemons

Neutral Forces:
Alien Hives
Dwarf Guilds
Elven Jesters
Fuedal Guard
Gangs of Hive City
Human Defense Force
Human Inquisition
Infected Colonies
Machine Cult
Rebel Guerillas
Soul-Snatcher Cults
Titan Lords

Campaign Info:

The campaign begins March 31st.
The campaign will last ten weeks.
You may play AI, Online, or in person normally (if able).
You may play Grimdark Future, Grimdark Future: Firefight, or War Fleets for this campaign.
You may report a game once every two weeks.
Games should be reported to me via DM (direct message) on Discord, a reply to the forum thread, or a comment on the Facebook thread (please tag me).
When reporting a game, please note which faction has won. Armies from the neutral list may choose either faction. In the case of two armies from the same faction, roll a die, on a 5+ the opposing faction gets the win.

Reporting Periods:

March 31st to April 13th
April 14th to April 27th
April 28th to May 11th
May 12th to May 25th
May 26th to June 8th

Reporting Period 1 Results:
Order - 2
Destruction - 2

Reporting Period 2 Results:

Reporting Period 3 Results:

Reporting Period 4 Results

Final Results:


+++ Transmission incoming +++
From: High Command of the Rheinwehr forces on Hamburg
To: Command Group Engel on Bremen

Supplies and reinforcements are granted.
Execute order 753: establishing supply depots all over the Bremen moon.
Preparing for the upcoming crisis and the protection of the production on Bremen has priority 1.
+++ Transmission ending +++

As the infection spreads around the Procyon sub-sector the Rheinland government tries to prepare the Rheinland system for the worst. On the Production moon Bremen the Command Group Engel is in charge of the emergancy order 753. The plan is to establish 100 big and over 5000 small supply depots all over Bremen to make sure every farm or mine and every factory can be supported within minutes. Similar Plans are developed for all other planets in the Rheinland system.
As the convoys arrive on Bremen an other player in this game awakens. The Bundschuh, a criminal federation of unknown numbers with a red falling star as their symbol wait to take advantage of the situation.

+++ Transmission incomming +++
From: Bundschuh ship Rose
To: Tiger

It is time. Fuel, food, medical supplies and purified water. Take it.
For the falling star!
+++ Transmission ending +++

And so the skirmish on the supply depot NL339 beginns…

It’s a semi-AI game in GFF with me playing as the Bundschuh scum. It is played in cm instead of inches and in 1/72 (20mm) scale. The table looked like this (the bullet markers show the 3 objectives):

Rheinwehr (HDF)

Ogre w/heavy baton + heavy shield
Weapons Team
sergant w/pistol (Feldwebel Ernst Brinkmann)
Special Weapons w/ flamer
Inf. Squat w/ medical training

Bundschuh (Rebel Guerillas)

Commander w/ pistol + energy sword + wings + scavenger (Commander Tiger)
Rebels w/ wings + rocketlauncher + flame pistol + shotgun
Rebels w/ gun drone + camo cloaks + shotgun

The Rheinwehr forces are deployed in the depot and the Bundschuh in the south.

Turn 1:
The Bundschuh started with the sniper shooting the medic and killing him. Shooting the rebels with camo cloaks didn’t bring a kill. Then advancing the Rebels killed the next Infantery man. In return the Ogre charged the Rebels and bashed one to pulp. The rest of the round shots were excanged but nothing happened.

Turn 2:
It is time for the ambush.

Tiger charging the Weapons Team did nothing. (saves with 3 sixes…). The Ogre charging the sniper achieved the same result! The flying Rebels managed to wound Feldwebel Brinkmann and the Weapons Team wounded Tiger.

Turn 3:
The battle behind the boxes got intens. Tiger charged the Weapons Team and caused one wound.
Feldwebel Brinkmann managed to shoot the flamer pistol guy down. And the Ogre charged the sniper again and hits like a truck. No chance the sniper is gone. The flamer Special Weapons guy downed another flying Rebel and the last one is stunned. The rest was advancing and trying to get to the objectives.

Turn 4:
Feldwebel Brinkmann executed the last flying Rebel by shooting the stunned guy. And the Weapons Team wounded Tiger again! (the rolls for Tiger are very disapointing this game).

End of the game: Tiger fled and the rest of the Bundschuh forces are taken prisoner. The Rheinwehr successfully defended the supply depot NL339.
The Bundschuh are Forces of Destruction and the Rheinwehr forces of Order. So the win goes to the forces of Order.


Cool miniatures :slightly_smiling_face: I like the (WW1?) vibe of the HDF, and the rebels with wings and balloons are great. Special mention for the goblin with shotgun

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thank you very much dude! yeah it is a ww1 vibe going on there. mainly because i love the “pickelhaube” and think the over all ww1 german theme fitting a grim dark future ^^


+++ Transmission incoming +++
From: NL339
To: Command Group Engel

Reporting attack on NL339. (Full report added) POW taken. Bundschuh identified.
Local terrorist commander: Tiger
Requesting assistance.

+++ Transmission incomming +++
From: Command Group Engel
To: NL339

Copy that. Location of subject “TIGER” identified. Measures have been taken.
+++ Transmission ending +++

With that massage a commando was send out to… hunt the Tiger.

+++ Transmission incomming +++
From: Tiger
To: Bundschuh ship Rose

IT FAILED!!! They were stronger than we thought. I barely escaped! We need to regroup and attack an other depot.

+++ Transmission incomming +++
From: Bundschuh ship Rose
To: Tiger

Damn it Tiger! We are sending you a Carryall. Destroy all information you have at the camp and be ready to be evacuated. Leave nothing for them!
And don’t come back if you fail…
+++ Transmission ending +++

The next game is called “Tiger hunt” and played on my little table again. Tiger and his Rebels try to burn every information. The vehicles are just terrain.

Rheinwehr SK (HDF)

Storm Trooper Commander (Commander Ritter) w/ energy sword
Storm Trooper w/ sniper
Storm Trooper w/ heavy volley gun
Storm Trooper w/ heavy volley gun

Tigers Bundschuh (Rebel Guerrillas)

Commander (Tiger) w/ pistol + energy sword + wings + guerrilla tactics
Rebels w/ gun drone + medical training + flame pistol
Rebels w/ gun drone + camo cloaks + minigun

The Bundschuh are deployed inside the camp. The lone sniper of the Rheinwehr is deployed in the south. Rest of the force are hold back for ambushing.

Turn 1:
The lone Sniper tried to shoot Tiger down but missed. As Rebels be they sprayed and prayed but missed the Sniper by miles.

Turn 2:
Ambush time!

The Storm Trooper Sniper tried to end this quickly but missed Tiger and for that got an arrow to his head by the Bundschuh Sniper. The close Storm Trooper with HVG unloaded the mag at Tiger and caused 1 wound (no regeneration from the medic). As revenge the Rebels wounded Commander Ritter and the flame pistol stunned the Storm Trooper with HVG. The Rheinland Sniper avenged his comrad by killing the wannabe Robin Hood Bundschuh Sniper. Tiger was in rage and charged the stunned Storm Trooper killing him in the process.

Turn 3:

The Rheinland Sniper tried to hit Tiger but missed again. The Bundschuh close to Tiger wounded Ritter and in exchange the left over Storm Trooper with HVG wounded Tiger (no help from the medic again).
Tiger decided to take his chances (by using Guerillia Tactics: Dash +3" movement) and charged Commander Ritter and stunned him! So Ritter has spend his next activation getting up again. The Camo Rebels charged the Sniper and killed him! At the end of the turn the Rheinland Forces needed to take moral tests and passed every single one!

Turn 4:
The most epic turn of the game! Ritter has got the first activation and took his energy sword and charged Tiger. Bleeding and exhausted Ritter screamed while he charged at Tiger…
The energy sword went through Tigers chest. The medic can’t help anymore (because of rending and 2 clear hits 1 beeing a 6). Maybe Tiger could fight back…no… he can’t… life disappears from Tigers eyes as he goes down.

It is over. Tiger is dead and the remaining Bundschuh flee. Victory for the Rheinwehr (Forces of Order) again!

+++ Transmission incomming +++
From: Commander Ritter
To: Command Group Engel

Mission accomplished
+++ Transmission ending +++

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Thanks for the reports! The first win has been recorded as you may only report one game every two weeks that will be counted. :smiley:

i maybe have got carred away by playing and planning new games :smile:
just count the second game as report for this period :smiley:


All good, looking forward to your next report. :slight_smile:

This game is called “the gathering”.
After the death of Tiger the Bundschuh lost the bridgehead on Bremen.
To get back in the game the leaders got a little ace up their sleeves…

+++ Transmission incomming+++
From: Bundschuh Ship Rose
To: Alshabar on Omega13

Alshabar be ready to send our gifts to Bremen. The Carryall got the coordinates.
+++ Transmission ending+++

The big unknown robots are in crates. The one identified as the leader is packed in a special electro-magnetic-field crate to be inactive until it hits the ground. Inactive? Oh no. It speaks words without a sound.

“Find me. Mortals… Prison…AWAKE!”
With the last word ringing in their heads some eyes come to life. Flickering… wanting… and full of hate.

I wanted to try something new in this game. The goal for the robots is to find the Technomancer. There are 6 objectives and at the end of each round if one or more objectives belong to the robots i roll one die each. The result determines the outcome of reinforcements:

On a 1-2 they get a warrior, on a 3-4 a warrior with flame caster, on a 5 a warrior with fusion caster and on a 6 the technomancer and the game ends. Each reinforcement can be get once and after the objective is collected it is discarded.
The game ends after 4 rounds and I decided to make it a “last man standing” so loosing half the army does not cause a morale test. As allways this game is played as “semi-AI”. I controll all actions made but for the Bundschuh I roll a die to see wich unit is activated.

Awake Robots:

eternal w/ flux rifle
flesh eater w/ electric claws + ambush
sniper w/ hunter
eternal w/ flux rifle
flesh eater w/ plasma claws + ambush

Alshabar Bundschuh

rebels w/ missile launcher
rebel psychic (Alshabar)
rebels w/ shred rifle + medical training

The setting is the secret Station Omega13 inside an astriod in the astriod field Bering near Bremen. I made some terrain from junk for this:

Bundschuh deployed first and the snipers got the high ground:

Eternals bursting out of the crate and the rest were kept in reserve for ambushing:

Turn 1:
The first eternal steps out of the crate and imediately kills a rebel. The missile launcher stuns this eternal with an AT missile. And the shooting goes on. The second eternal steps out and kills the next rebel. Filled with anger Alshabar moves up and casts a lucky furious blaze on the second eternal and he… bursts in flames and is gone forever.

After turn 1 I was happy about my “last man standing” rule because the game would be over by now.

Turn 2:
Now it is time for the ambushing units.

The slow moving guys deployed at the other end of the table and behind three objectives. The robo sniper comes down and stuns the Bundschuh sniper on the rooftop to his left. The remaining eternal gets up and the rebels try to shot him down again but miss. At the end of turn 2 three objectives are controlled by the robots. So I roll one die each and get: a warrior w/ fusion caster and a normal warrior.

Turn 3:
The sniper on the rooftop kills the flesh eater at the container. The eternal walks around the crate and tries to shoot down the sniper on top of the silo. This works and the sniper is killed. The missile launcher uses his dreaded AT missile again and stuns the robo sniper. No other hits this turn just positioning and the rebels trying to chase the last eternal.

Turn 4:
Time is running out for the robots. The rebels catch up with the eternal and try to kill him but miss. The eternal imediatly turns around and fluxes (Is this a word?) 2 rebels into space with a 6 and no regeneration can help them. Alshabar tries to cast psychic barrier on the missile launcher and fails. The robo sniper scores a hit on the missile launcher who is contesting the last objective and stuns him! One warrior is close to the objective and can’t be hit! A little last chance for the robots to win this at the end of turn 4. Aaaaaand… no technomancer just a warrior with a flame caster.

Victory goes to the Bundschuh (forces of destruction)!

Bundschuh reinforcements show up with EMP charges and disable the remaining robots. With no hope of escaping they are forced back into the crates and loaded into the Carryall as it arrives. Alshabar walks to the crate where the technomancer is stored and opens one side just a little bit to have a look. “You little damn… go and make some trouble to the Rheinwehr you piece of scrap metal!” With this said Alshabar spits on the floor in front of the technomancer and closes the crate again. Now they are on the way to Bremen to unleash their fury upon the mortals they face…

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