Vurrunna's Proxy Paper Miniatures

Hey there, folks!

I’ve been working on Paper Miniatures for Grimdark Future and Age of Fantasy for a few months now, and have compiled a decent collection of basic troops for a variety of factions. Check them out in the link below!

Glorious Dropbox Link

Right now my plan is to just make whatever catches my fancy, but a basic guide to what I’ve already made and what I plan to make in the future can be seen below.

Completed Minis

Current Armies Covered

Battle Brothers

  • Battle Brothers Squad
  • Captain

Havoc Brothers

  • Havoc Brothers Squad
  • Dark Champion

TAO Coalition

  • TAO Grunts
  • Battlesuit
  • Jackals
  • Drones

Alien Hives

  • Grunts
  • Warriors

Orc Marauders

  • Boss Mob
  • Orc Mob
  • Goblin Herd

Battle Sisters

  • Battle Sisters
  • High Sister

Battle Brothers: Custodians

  • Custodian Brothers
  • Custodian Destroyers

Soul Snatchers

  • Soul Snatachers
  • Matriarch/Patriarch

Human Defense Force

  • Infantry
  • Captain
  • Heavy Weapon

Redwall Animals

  • Mouse Warriors
  • Rat Warriors
Personal To-Do List

Personal To-Do List
(Stuff I want to do just for kicks)

Alien vs. Predator Models

  • Xenomorphs
  • Predators
  • Colonial Marines

Halo Models

  • Elites
  • Grunts
  • Jackals
  • Master Chief
  • Marines
  • ODSTs

Penal Legions of Draxin (HDF)

  • Penal Troopers
  • Pity Officer
  • Buggy
  • Ensign Lucas de Nongentia

Goblin Revalooshun

  • Revelushinary Goblins
  • Goblin Tank
  • Goblin Chicken Walker


  • Cavalry
  • Artillery
  • Skirmish Infantry
  • “Grenadiers”
Army To-Do-List

Army To-Do List
(Stuff I want to get done for completion)

TAO Coalition

  • Spotter Squad
  • Locusts
  • Jackal Champion

Alien Hives

  • Carnivo-Rex


  • Minions

Orc Marauders

  • Warlord

Battle Brothers: Custodians

  • Custodian Captain

High Elf Fleets

  • Defenders
  • High Seer

Machine Cult

  • Machine Priest
  • Cult Rangers

I love your minis :slight_smile: Thinking about doing another fantasy faction? Would be awesome to have possible opponents for your cute saurians


Thank you! I have some more stuff planned for fantasy that I’m pretty excited to share with folks.

For example, there’s these little guys:

Inspired by Redwall and Mouse Guard. I already have some sketches ready to make an opposing group of Rats, and hope to make more inspired by the inhabitants of Redwall (Badgers, Hares, Squirrels, Otters, and what-have-you), as well as more Vermin (Ferrets and Weasels, Foxes, Stoats, etc.). These guys were loads of fun to draw, and I look forward to making more!

As always, printable files for these guys can be found in the Dropbox link above.


And now some baddies to fight the Mice:

Rats! Again inspired by Redwall, especially for ol’ Cluny the Scourge on the right there. As a point of reference, these guys are twice as large as the Mice (though I’ve included a downscaled version of the print sheet in the Dropbox).

Link to all Redwall Minis


Moving steadily along, I have yet another set of minis:

Kenzie, Saxon, Sadie, and Lieam, from Mouse Guard, drawn using one of my other mice minis as a base. As an added bonus, I also drew the backs for these guys–check them out in the link!

Link to all Redwall Minis


Newest batch of Redwall and Mouse Guard inspired minis:

Weasels! I based these off of Mouse Guard’s Weasels, though they’re a good deal smaller (only a bit taller than an average 28mm mini). I also included a rough-and-tumble Pirate Weasel, to fit in with Redwall a bit better.

Link to all Redwall Minis


More minis!

Various assorted Goodbeasts from Redwall. With these finished, I think it’s safe to call all of these guys a proper collection!

Up next, I plan to get some Foxes finished; from there, I’ll either expand on the Goodbeasts (Hedgehogs, Moles, Beavers, etc.) or Vermin (Ferrets, Stoats, Wildcats, etc.). I also might see about heading into birds! (Ravens, Sparrows, Robins, etc.)

Link to all Redwall Minis