WarMechs - Giant Robot Combat

Over on OPR’s previous forum home, I posted up a conversion of WarFleets for mech battles ala games like Battletech, Heavy Gear and CAV. What was originally a basic attempt to use that rule framework to emulate robot fights ended up expanding quite a bit. With the move to these forums, I wanted to make sure to transfer the original post over here.

Posted here is the Basic and Advanced rules, both of which are limited to just one page front and back. The Basic rules cover, well, the basics! Simple mech building, component and terrain rules can be found there. Games are fast: a squad on squad match up is about a half-hour to 45 minutes long once you get the rules.

The Advanced rules expand the basic game play to include vehicles and infantry, new weapon and tech components, and additional variant rules for using different scaled mechs and other play area sizes. While the original rules were designed for Battletech sized miniatures (6mm), you can totally play with anything from action figures to Gundam models. Did I say action figures? Yup: the advanced rules cover transforming robots as well!

WarMechs - Basic Rules
WarMechs - Advanced Rules
WarMechs - Roster Sheet

On the to-do list: expanded scenario and pilot rules.

Here’s a few pictures of the last game that was played!


Very interesting, and useful. I have a lot mechs, and I will test your rules with me mechs.

Thanks for adapting and sharing them.