What's happened to this forum?


I’ve been a regular visitor to this forum, and it’s predecessor, for some time. But lately it feels as though engagement has almost ceased. Posts generally get only a handful of replies whereas before on the old forum there were regular contributions and new topics.

What has happened? Where has everyone gone? I hear that there are sign up problems…?

The forum is a brilliant resource where discussions have headings and searchable content. Discord, which seems by contrast to be buzzing, is just like a rambling text thread. Don’t get me wrong, Discord has its uses, but it cannot replace the forum in my opinion. Perhaps Discord just isn’t for me… too chit-chatty, and noisy… It’s a shame that the new forum is so quiet and empty.

I’m just having a moan. Hope that the sign up problems are fixed soon…



hey! i had a problem to sign up myself. some email providers don’t support the forum. i just made antother email account :blush:
but you are right! we need more activity! maybe it is this special time we are in… i don’t know.

Hard to tell, I know the signup issues may dissuade or cause issues for people, I had issues myself and trying to find a solution has been in vain so far (it’s a very strange issue).

Part of it might be getting use to the new layout on the forum, as it’s a bit different to how people may be used to navigating community boards.

I think it’s a mix of many things, from people that prefer to use discord to the e-mail signup issues, to also simply people that used to be on the old forum not switching to the new one. Also let’s not forget that we now have a facebook group too, so a lot of the stuff that used to be posted on the forum is going there.

Anyways, I hope people continue using the forum to provide feedback, because things do get lost on discord very easily, and this is the best place for me to find information permanently. :slight_smile:


I think I can be easy to get answers to questions quickly on the Discord, so likely stuff that would have been posted here end you there. I also prefer something like a forum over discord. It’s a bit more focused here. I think I’ll try and make more of an effort to post my rule questions here. It also helps people googling for an answer.

@Barrys, I share your feelings on Discord. It is too much, too quickly, in a format that does not allow me to catch up on everything I want to follow. That said, I know a lot of folks’ hobby lives have been stirred by the global events, and this leads to a lesser amount of gaming and playtesting in general. Digital play is just not a satisfying replacement for many, who are used to the tactile aspect of the hobby.

Somehow I’d managed to miss that OPR now had a community Facebook page. Thanks for reminding me, Admin.

Having now sampled both the frenzied nature of Discord and the more sedate nature of Facebook, I think I’ll be making use of Facebook as an accompaniment to this forum.

I wonder if there are too many social channels. There’s a Reddit site too… Does that get used with any regularity?

It feels like there might be, though I understand the point of trying to give folks as many different ways to engage as they prefer. I personally do not use Facebook at all, and Reddit has much less organization than a forum like this does, but I am sure others have other platforms of which they are already a part or already prefer.


For me it’s a mixed bag. There were many great threads on the old forum and while some got ported many are lost to the warp… Same goes for the user base. And with the email issue etc. probably some of them gave up.
I personally am on Discord quite often. Yes it’s much less organised but it’s quite fun connecting to the community so directly. For me Discord + Roll20 gave me many hours of fun games and nice social interactions.
I still hope that the forum will grow back to it’s former power but I guess it will take some time…

I still think the forum is the best place to share progress on ongoing projects, campaigns etc. And of course for anything rule related.


I think lots of people use the discord like others have said. I’m not a fan of it at all it’s too overwhelming and information can get lost in multiple conversations happening at once.

I prefer the old forum layout so only check on here every now and then.

Yeah, I have to agree about Discord. My heart sinks when I see rules-clarification questions being answered only to know that in a few hours time the answers will have been lost in the noise.


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Hmmm… maybe we should just start directing people more toward the forum again when it comes to rules questions. I think that asking a question mid-game on discord is fine for a quick answer, but having it permanently documented on the forum makes more sense.