Where to get miniatures for OPR games

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Like our games but don’t know where to get miniatures? We got you covered, check out the list below for some suggested manufacturers!

If you know of other manufacturers that you would like to suggest just reply to this thread. :slight_smile:

Master Crafted Miniatures for Sci fi

While these figures don’t match specific armies now, One Page Rules games are clearly customizeable.

The Kickstarter for 15mm Quar is going another week and a half:

After that, you could go to https://www.zombiesmith.com/. They also have very original sci-fi and fantasy figures as well, from space turtles to muppets with spears.


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for the 1/72 (20mm) lovers. here are my favorite brands for miniatures.

zvezda (https://www.zvezda.org.ru) - historical figures and vehilces (and terrain like castles)
italeri (https://www.italeri.com) - historical figures and vehicles (and terrain like battlefield accessories)
mini art (https://miniart-models.com/de) - historical figures and terrain
red box and orion (http://theredbox.com.ua/home.htm) - historical figures and accessories
alliance (http://theredbox.com.ua/alliance.htm) - fantasy and apocalyptic figures
caesar miniatures (http://www.miniknight.com) - fantasy and historical figures

to find the best historical figures have a look at http://www.plasticsoldierreview.com

i don’t know this brands myself:
rh models (http://www.rhmodels.com/7.html) - sci fi models
tin soldier (http://tin-soldier.com) - sci fi figures and vehicles

vehicle model brands:
modelcollect (http://www.modelcollect.com) - sci fi/ alternative history and historical vehicles
revell (www.revell.de) - historical vehicles
italeri war gaming series (fast essemlbe kits)
blackdog (https://blackdog.cz) - sci fi/ alternative history and conversion kits
there are like a billion other model brands.

Tomoko’s Paper Miniatures, in particular, would be well suited to Double Tap’s near future/cyberpunk setup: https://www.wargamevault.com/browse/pub/14572/Tomoko039s-Paper-Miniatures

For sci-fi 6 and 3mm minis I’d recommend vanguard miniatures. Lovely range for Battle Brothers, HDF and Orcs